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like me and my friends were talking about college and stuff, what actors would play us if our lifes were a show..

i said ethier, Keanu Reeves, Matthew Bellamy or Jack Nicholson hahah imagine him with emo hair and piercings

now an interest question pops up... who would play you, if your life was a tv show? c:
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lol people always told me ALL MY DAMN LIFE "omg you look like that girl from the craft!" and then in my senior year of highschool I ended up in the celebrity lookalikes section as her XD So yeah, Fairuza Balk. OOH SO EVIL AND BAD!! Now that I'm less flamboyantly gothy and have grown my hair out I don't get that ever, so I honestly just think it was people applying their only immediate example of a short haired goth girl to me... but for personality- maybe I'd go with Christopher Walken muahaha!! ok, ok, that was wishful thinking. I just love him too much. we'll just stick with Fairuza. XD

Come to think of it people incessantly told me I looked like Abby from CSI as soon as I grew my hair out. god damnit, I will never have bettie page bangs again for that reason. I got SO. SICK. OF IT. I'd probably beat her unconscious and send her in a box to africa to avoid being played by her in a TV series.

River Phoenix or James Dean.


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